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Customer Journey 101: Activation

Time-frame: starts in the minutes and hours after the purchase and ends after the first major interaction with the company.

Emotions: excitement filled with fear and uncertainty.

Most SaaS companies require the customer to activate their subscription while ignoring their emotional state.

Since the activation email is sent along with the receipt, customers might have some second thoughts regarding their decision to work with you and that’s a natural reaction.

That being said, the best way to turn these doubts into joy and excitement is by addressing them and reaffirming the customer’s decision in two ways:

1. Highlight the reasons why they’ve chosen your product.

2. Show them that you’re there (or in other words - having an incredible and smooth handoff between Sales and the CSM). 

Here are a few scalable techniques you can implement NOW to improve your Activation rates:

📝 Added a short introduction of the product and all the Pro features in the receipt email.

🤝Automated the handoff by introducing the CSM in the very first email. Then, a couple of days later, a second email is sent from the CSM with links to live training sessions.

Depending on your budget and the customer’s touch level, you can make this stage even more personal with a personalized video or a physical mail full of swag.

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