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Hi, I'm Tal!

I'm passionate about people and relationships, as I truly believe that we can help each other succeed.


  • You're losing customers to competitors

  • You're responsible for building and scaling the company's CS team

  • You're responsible for managing the team

  • You care about customer-relations

Then this blog is for you!

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Working in the High-Tech SaaS industry since the age of 24, I've built and scaled a successful CS team and mentored others as they were unlocking the true power of Customer Success. 

I've learned that the only way to succeed is by adopting Customer Centricity and a relationship-oriented approach while integrating the academia's theories and practices into the day-to-day lives of CSMs. 

My mission

Help businesses and Customer Success Professionals grow by making Customer Success and Customer Centricity easily accessible.

If I achieved it, so can you.

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Let's connect! 

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