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Insider Guide: Make Your Product Remarkably Easier

Customers reach out to you with too many questions? We've all been there - and it's a bad sign. Here is how you can make your product easier and your revenue bigger.


Make Your Produuct Remarkably Easier With These Steps

I think we all know the truth about customer retention:

It is HIGHLY dependent on customer engagement.

While both can be hard to maintain, it is NOT impossible.

The "trick" is to understand what customers need to do to get to the "Aha" moment.

This approach has helped me increase customer engagement and retention leading to an increase of 200% in upgrade rates in ONE year.

Step #1. Choose a Persona

Working with lots of customers, you must have a few customer personas.

Each with its own value, goals, and customer journey.

Simply start with the persona you are most familiar with.

Step #2. Check the Emails

Download a report of all the emails sent by customers who fit into the persona and write the following:

  1. What do they reach out about?

  2. At what stage do they typically reach out?

Step #3. Take the Journey

Create an account and take your persona's journey - from sign-up to onboarding and adoption. Take notes of:

  • All the actions you are required to take to move forward in the journey.

  • All the touchpoints sent to you and their content.

Step #4. Highlight Long Sequences

In your document, highlight the sequences that took over 5 actions for the value to be delivered.

Go through your insights from step #2 and check:

Are these the reasons why customers reach out?

If so, you have found a sequence that decreases customer engagement AND retention.

Step #5. Review Your Touchpoints

Last but not least, review all of the touchpoints you have written down and ask:

Do these touchpoints make long sequences easier?

Here is a checklist you can use:

  1. Are the emails sent at the right time?

  2. Do they provide guidance on how to complete the sequence?

  3. Do they offer help when needed?

Step #6. Make Your Product Easier

Think bigger. Be proactive.

You cannot just solve issues.

You need to work with other teams to make the sequences short and easy.

For each action, ask yourself:

Is this action REALLY necessary?

Final Thoughts

Fail to make your product easier and the sequences shorter and you WILL lose customers. It is as simple as that.

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1 Comment

Jul 26, 2022

This is great stuff ! Thank you !

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