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Customer Journey 101: Engagement/Adoption

It’s time to talk about the Engagement of our customers.

This stage starts when the customer completes their onboarding process and ends with their renewal/upsell/churn.

If everything goes well: the customer realizes value and they're proud to be associated with our company. It is at this point that they can become raving fans and huge advocates.

However, if the customer has experienced issues that haven't been resolved to their satisfaction, they probably feel frustrated and soon start to disconnect.

This is probably the most complex stage of the Customer Journey.

On one hand, we want to make sure customers see the value of the product. But on the other hand, we don't want to overwhelm them with too many emails.

So where’s the right balance? 🤨

We should guide and assist our customers as much as possible during the entire Customer Journey.

At each stage, we need to communicate what is going to happen and how it contributes to the desired outcomes they seek to accomplish.

With that said, we always need to take the customers' circumstances and experiences into account.

  • Circumstances refer to their business and personal lives. For example, working with Educators, I learned not to engage with them during their busy season.

  • Experiences refer to your product/service.

Here are a few scalable ways to engage with customers:

  1. Major bugs happen; we just need to let our customers know that we're working on fixing them. 🐞

  2. Host webinars where customers can meet each other and learn together. 💁🏼‍♀️

  3. Record generic, yet personal, videos for the holiday season. 📽

In my work, instead of trying to help customers reach their initial goal, I always try to help them make it *past* their desired outcome so they see more value than what they were initially expecting!

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