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Course Review: B2B Sales Masterclass: People-Focused Selling

TLDR: Learn how to win more deals the Customer-Centric way. This course is a MUST for Sales & Customer Success Teams.

Total score: 9

Provider: Udemy / Kevin Dorsey.

Topic: Customer-Centric Sales.


  1. Customer Success Managers who are responsible for driving revenue through renewals, upsells, or cross-sells.

  2. Salespeople looking to elevate their sales skills and sell more authentically and ethically.

  3. Customer Success Leaders looking to transform their sales approach using the power of Customer Centricity.


  1. This course turns textbooks into real-world skills, ensuring you not only understand the theories but can use them like a pro.

  2. Each section includes “homework”, making it easy to apply new techniques and frameworks in real scenarios.

  3. Dive into the sales cycle from a customer-centric perspective, equipping you for success at every stage.

  4. A deep dive into the stages of the sales cycle from a Customer-Centric perspective providing you with everything you need to excel.

Check out the course here.

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