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Customer Journey 101: Onboarding

I hate it when companies treat me like a number. I also don't really care about their database or workload.

If I’m not being treated well, I’ll be sure to let my loved ones know about it.

The onboarding stage is the first major interaction that the customer has with your company and as such, it sets the tone for the entire relationship.

😔Fail to deliver value and build trust and the customer will find another company to do business with.

Throughout the entire Customer Journey Map, and especially in the onboarding stage,  we must remember two things:

🤝 We’re customers of other companies.

🙏 We’re dealing with real people with real feelings and needs. 

When taken into consideration, these mantras can help you build an incredible onboarding process that is not only scalable but also personal. This way, you can build strong relationships with multiple customers at once! Here’s how:

📊Use data to connect with your customers on a personal level. Start by addressing them by their names and when appropriate, you can use other personal data points, such as their state or region.

* This can be easily done by using an automated messaging platform that is integrated with your customer database.

💌Create a memorable first impression by using different communication tools. For example, you can create a generic welcome video and add it to your onboarding email campaign or, if you can take a few minutes, you can also record videos for your high-touch customers while using their names!

🤔 Don’t ever stop re-evaluating and re-assessing. There’s no such thing as a perfect onboarding process, simply because the world (and our customers) is dynamic.

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