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How Customer Personas Can Make You Successful

Defining Personas will not only help you target the right prospects. It will also help you design the right product and communicate the right value.


You work so hard on designing the right features, communicating the right values, or promoting a customer-centric approach within your team.

But for some reason, it just doesn't materialize.

  • Customers still complain about missing features.

  • Your company is still heavily focused on the wrong things.

  • Your CSMs sound too stiff and "robotic" in their emails.

Discouraged, you sit down and ask yourself:

"What am I missing? Why am I not successful?"

It's impossible to know each and every customer.

You need to accept the truth -

With so many customers and prospects, it is impossible for you to get to know every customer;

Especially since you've got other projects to complete and personal life to live.

If this post is making you think about giving up on the customer-centric approach, then you're missing the point.

Work smarter, not harder.

Yes, customer-centricity is about putting the customer first.

But you don't have to send manual emails to every customer in order to be customer-centric. You can simply utilize all the resources you have available.

Technology allows us to scale and automate processes and touchpoints while keeping them relevant to each and every customer.

Your solution: Customer Personas.

Customer Personas turn a group of users into real people with unique motivations, needs, characteristics, and limitations.

Internally, they help us:

  1. Understand our customers better.

  2. Facilitate empathy from all teams (Bradley, Oliveira, Birrell & Cain, 2021).

Externally, they ensure that our customers:

  1. Get customized touchpoints based on their Persona (Martin, Bissinger & Asta, 2021).

  2. Achieve their desired outcomes with our product.


In the next couple of weeks, I'm going to cover EVERYTHING you need to know about Customer Personas.

Don't miss out and subscribe to CS Spotlight NOW.



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