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This Free Template Will Make Your Customers Successful

Customer Personas can make you and your company invincible. More importantly, it will make your customers successful.


What Are Customer Personas?

Customer Personas turn a group of users into real people with unique motivations, needs, characteristics, and limitations.

Internally, they help us understand our customers on a deeper level.

They also help us facilitate empathy towards our customers from all teams - from our Developers to our Product team.

By facilitating empathy and understanding our customers better,

We design better products and offer the ultimate solutions to our customers - making them successful.

I've written all of the steps for creating the ULTIMATE Customer Persona here.

So if you haven't read the guide, I highly recommend doing so.

The WHY behind this template

My goal with this blog and all of the resources I provide is to make it easier for you to be the best CSM you can be.

With this template, you can say goodbye to the fear of forgetting important information!

You should use these templates if...

  1. You're at the first stages of creating Customer Personas.

  2. You want to organize the information you've collected so far.

  3. You'd like to ensure the success of your company (or CS team) and make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to Customer Experience

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