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Calculate Customer Success KPIs with this FREE Template

Your path to success just got shorter with this FREE Customer Success KPI calculator.


Measure the following KPIs with CS Spotlight's FREE spreadsheet:

  1. Annual Recurring Revenue.

  2. Net Promoter Score.

  3. Customer Satisfaction Score.

  4. Customer Effort Score.

  5. Customer & Revenue Churn Rates.

  6. Upsell and Cross-Sell Rates.

Click here to download your FREE calculator


What are Customer Success KPIs?

CS KPIs are an integral part of any Customer Success strategy, for one reason:

They are quantifiable measures of performance.

As such, they allow CS Leaders to measure the components of Customer Experience:

  1. Product Experience.

  2. Billing Experience.

  3. Team Performance.

Product Experience:

  • How often do customers use your product?

  • Are they satisfied with it? What about their end-users?

  • Are there any challenges blocking them from achieving their desired outcomes?

Customers' perceptions and feelings toward your product are influential renewal factors.

KPIs, such as CES and NPS, allow you to identify at-risk customers and enhance their experience.

Billing Experience:

  • Are your customers satisfied with your pricing?

  • Do they have everything they need to renew?

  • How well are you doing in terms of renewals, upgrades, and cross-sells?

I'm sure you're familiar with this component of the Customer Experience.

At the end of the day, Financial KPIs are measurements of the company’s success (or failure).

Churn Rates and Upgrade Rates are critical KPIs when it comes to team and strategy assessments.

Team Performance:

  • How well is your team doing?

  • Are they achieving their goals and quotas?

  • How satisfied are your customers with their CSMs?

Having a strategy is important, but you can’t implement it without your team.

Your CS Team needs you to lead them on the path to success, and you need KPIs to assess their progress.

I recommend measuring individual CSAT to identify CSM's areas of improvement.


The WHY behind this template

My goal with CS Spotlight and its resources is to help you:

  1. Build the best CS Team.

  2. Become the best CS Leader.

  3. Advance your career in Customer Success.

  4. Grow your company and increase your market share.

With this template, you can easily measure important CS KPIs and identify areas of improvement.

Download your FREE calculator here.

You should use these templates if...

  1. You're at the first stages of building your company’s Customer Success Team.

  2. You’re sick of manually calculating your company’s financial state.

  3. You’re just getting started with CS KPIs and looking for a quick and easy calculator.

  4. You'd like to grow your company by identifying areas of improvement and customer pain points.

  5. You need a one-stop shop for all of your CS KPIs.


Final thoughts...

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