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Content Marketing is necessary for every CSM. Here’s why.

When you email customers, you ask them for their most valuable resource - their time. The only way to keep them engaged over time is by offering (and delivering) the right value via email.


As a Customer Success Manager, the main form of communication with your customers is email - and boy do we email them often.

We email them when we identify risks of churn and when we see an opportunity for an upsell/cross sale. We let them know about new features and use-cases as a way to increase their usage and to keep our promise of delivering value.

Every time we email a customer, we ask them to free up a minute or two to read the email and then another five minutes to take the action highlighted in the CTA. This means that we need to deliver value quickly and clearly.

If we fail to do so, they will simply not open any of our emails.

This is exactly where Content Marketing comes in and why it’s so critical for CSMs.

Content Marketing offers clear frameworks and formulas on how to write emails that drive actions and provide value. In the most superficial definition, it requires a strategy for every single email and follow up.

By utilizing the very same frameworks and formulas, CSMs can develop a clear strategy for customer interactions and as a result, increase the open and engagement rates.

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