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My Ultimate List of Lessons Learned about Customer Success

Want to become a successful CSM? Follow me and implement your lessons learned.


Let's face it.

We are all customers purchasing goods and services from other companies, vendors, and people.

From our usual grocery store to social media platforms, we constantly trade with others by giving money and getting something in return.

As such, we learn critical lessons that must be applied when working with our customers especially if we want to become better CSMs.

Here is my running list of Customer Success lessons I learned as a customer.

Last updated on May 30th, 2023.


#1. Fulfilling customers' expectations is a must. Exceeding them is "just" a bonus.

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If you didn't know, I am obsessed with Italian food, specifically Cannolis.

As I was looking for the perfect Cannoli at Bucharest's Christmas Market, I apologized to the cashier for causing her to wait.

Smiling, she said, “No worries! Most people take time to decide”. Following a couple of questions, she pointed at their best-selling cannoli.

I purchased two.

While this conversation didn't exceed my expectations, it definitely fulfilled them.

The cashier built trust by making me feel "normal" for taking my time to select the right Cannoli.

Let's ask ourselves:

How can we fulfill our customers' expectations AND build trust while doing so?

#2. Empathy is your key to success.

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The wedding day is a very stressful day for the bride and I am no different.

On my wedding day, I was stressed about everything - from having my fiance arrive on time to ensuring that my guests have a great time.

Knowing me, my sister recommended a wedding coordinator who will "run the show" for me.

Besides running the show successfully, the wedding coordinator was also empathetic.

By learning my stress signs, she was able to identify them and help me feel better by listening to me. Then, she assured me that everything is ok.

Thanks to her, I could enjoy the best wedding I could have ever requested.

I'll forever be her biggest advocate.

#2. ALWAYS deliver on your promises.

One of the most important vendors at a wedding is the DJ for one main reason:

They're in charge of the party and as such, they have immense influence over the vibe.

As soon as my husband and I signed the contract with a DJ, we shared our preferences and requests which he promised to follow.

That being said, he did not deliver on his promise and our requests were not fulfilled. As a result, I had a few very frustrating moments at the wedding.

Needless to say, I'll do my best to ensure my loved ones don't hire him.


Care to share?

What Customer Success lessons did you learn as a customer? Have you been able to implement them at your job?

Share your thoughts, lessons, and experiences with me in the comments.

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